Welcome to Kindergarten

Program snapshot

  • Our Kindergarten program is fully bilingual. Students spend equal amounts of time learning in French and English.

  • We focus on play-based learning. The art of play is the foundation of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills, which paves the way for learning.

  • A caring team of educators, including teachers and early childhood educators, leads every Kindergarten classroom.

Children can start school in September of the year they turn 4. Registration for the coming school year opens in January.

Preparing for School

Our school participates in the Supported School Readiness Program, which offers home visits and support during the first weeks of school. This is a free service available to all our students entering Kindergarten for the first time. Register early to take full advantage of the program!

Kindergarten 3D Tour

Explore your child’s Kindergarten classroom from home! Have fun moving around the classroom with your child as you both learn about the day-to-day Kindergarten experience.

To navigate the tour, use your touch screen or mouse to click and move around. For more instructions, click on the help button at the bottom of the tour.